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This Cd project was only made possible by the help of several talented and generous friends.
   From the ground up the ears, musical sensibilities, hearty laugh, and recording skills of  producer/engineer Grace Falconer guaranteed this to be a project that would stand out on it's own.
     We recorded at  Gary Clancy's "OLD SKooL Studios" in China Maine on one inch tape and mixed it all analog. Gary also contributed some fine, ripping lead and rhythm guitar parts on several of the songs.
  The project was "patiently" mastered by Ron Dunbar of Klarity Multimedia in Vasselboro, Maine
   Vince Bryant from my band PRESS'N ON  played drums on all the tunes where there are drums.
    Daren Blomerth also from PRESS'N ON  provided the funky chunky keys and the phony baloney steel drums that sound pretty darn good to me. We had to duck tape his fingers back so he would only play with 2 fingers simulating mallets. (not really)
    Ezra Rugg, of too many bands to mention, kept the bass bottom solid and funky throughout on all songs but "Bugamoyo" and "We are called" where I engaged in a little nepotism and had my son Bernie Nye throw in his chops on both bass and lead guitar.
   Mark Kerns added his musical saw on a few tunes . Just enough to have people say "what the heck was that".
   Female harmony vocals were soulfully provided by  Siri Soucey of Tree By Leaf.
   Male  background harmonies were belted out by Daren Blomerth and J.B. Lawrence.
J.B. also did all the Cd photography as well several of the photos on this site. See his work HERE
I also want to mention and give credit to Clayton Bryant, Diana Priseo and Toby Allen for their help with artwork, printing and computer issues.
  Just like all the Olympic athletes and sports heroes, I want to thank my Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. (There is no link to his name. You can't get to him through the click of a mouse. However; a few sincere words from a contrite heart will get you a fine seat near his throne for all eternity.)