Ease me from my burdens

Deliver me from the curse

stop the mouths of lions

Quench my desert thirst

I come from the city of destruction

Where I escaped the saber’s edge

To be delivered from the tumult

Yet I teeter on this ledge

I’ve trod upon my foes

I’ve avoided deadly wrath

Yet I still stumble on the byways

I grope to see the path

I was born a beggar

A Beggar I was born

I’m begging for some respite

from the churning of the storm

Be it dread or solace

The one fact still prevails

I possess not strength or means

My boldest efforts fail

Along with all the mortals mired

I stand among the throng

My grandest deeds won’t pay the wage

For the least of all my wrongs

Despite my worldly victories

And all that I have gained

My choicest works are feeble tries

To cover up the stain

Left by my selfish motives

My failure to be pure

There is just one true remedy

One proven promised cure


With Silver gold or precious pearls

The debt will still remain

There is one key that turns the lock

It’s the sound of Jesus name

falling from the lips of a man

Who sees his desperate plight

And begs His true forgiveness

Becomes A beggar in the night.

I thought I was a king instead

The captain of my soul

I thought it was my efforts

that kept me from the shoal

Yet all along there was a hand

One mightier than mine

That overcame my enemies

Paid my entire fine

Full of pride I failed to see

That only through this aide

Pulled to his side he bore the fee

The price I couldn’t have paid

I was born a beggar

From the moment I was torn

From my mothers womb

A beggar I was born

I thought it low position

I fought to prove it lies

But I’m better as a beggar

than wise in my own eyes

Now I’m Grateful for each morsel

falling from the masters plate.

It’s Better be a beggar now

than come begging way too late


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This is Bernie . He is always getting in some sorta jam. This is why he is so cool.

         This is my 53 studebaker

    This be my "Maine"ride

          This is my egg guitar.
People always ask me what my Rooster guitar used to be . I exclaim, "that is a silly question" and then I bring this out.

This roostah thinks he's a Falcon. I am reluctant to tell him otherwise. Whatever he is, he is definitly a chick magnet

This here tune is rather sloppily presented but i sorta like it .     

He was standing on the corner
hanging out with his friends
Momma came swinging her purse hard at him
There was crying and cursing
daddy kicked at the dirt
(All I recall is it all really hurt)

My daddy was a selfish slacker no good
Mistreated my momma and me
Maybe He Done the best that he could
But that’s hard for a young boy to see.
He chuckled He shuffled his feet then looked down
Mamma scooped up us kids
we moved to the next town
We waited and prayed we still called it a home
Never heard a word from daddy
cept once on the phone

If you’d love me daddy
you’d ease up on the drama
You’d cut us some slack
Maybe show us you wanna
Cut out the crap, repair all the trauma
you’d come back, back to mamma
come back

Christmas and Birthdays No one took me fishing
Missed out on sports too many afternoons wishing
That daddy’d show up with a bat and a glove
Didn’t he miss me , how I needed his love

If you’re someone’s daddy please go home now
Your kids need you more than you know
You’re the adult you’ll make it somehow
Teach them even big people grow OH

Years later I saw him once down at the park
With a bunch of new kids a new gal
I waved Then I noticed The one kids t shirt
It said “I’m my daddy’s best pal”

He was standing at the game
his head proud in the air
two boys each one by his side
Along came their mommy smiling so fair
He reached out and kissed his sweet bride

The kids never noticed they ran out to their game
Seems like we only notice the pain
Laughing and Chasing their ball in the dirt
We never forget all of those moments that hurt

My daddy’s worthless a piece of low scum
your daddy’s the same . Yes it’s true
You may angrily ask me how come?
I’ll say my daddy’s your daddy too.

If you’re someone’s daddy please go home now
Your kids need you more than you know
You’re the adult you’ll make it somehow
Teach them even big people grow oH

Copyright 8/25/10 Doug Nye all rights reserved